O! Wanderers In The Shadowed Land

O! Wanderers In The Shadowed Land

O! Wanderers in the shadowed land
despair not! For though dark they stand,

A shadowed wood
Some dark forests can appear more sinister than others…

all woods there be must end at last,
and see the open sun go past:
the setting sun, the rising sun,
the day’s end, or the day begun.
For east or west all woods must fail…

No forest can go on forever.
All woods must fail…eventually…

JRR Tolkien

Sometimes on a journey (or life in general!), it can feel like you’re trapped in the middle of nowhere. But all woods come to an end, rivers all flow to the sea and all roads must go somewhere. So never despair and always keep moving forward.

This forest in Alaska was shrouded in mist.
Misty woods in Hoonah, Alaska.

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