In 2019, right after Jacob turned a year old, we decided to go on a real adventure with him. For our first true getaway since he was born we decided to go to Israel, where my parents are from and where I’ve been dozens of times. In fact the first time my parents took me to Israel I was even younger than Jacob was when he first crossed the Atlantic! Unfortunately, Jacob got sick right before we left so the flight there was a true nightmare. Once we got there though we had an amazing time with Jacob who really blossomed into a little junior adventurer with us. He had just begun taking his first steps before we left but it was in Israel that he really started toddling around and exploring the world.

A More Complicated Adventure

Tel Aviv With A One Year Old Baby

Into The Negev Part 1

Into The Negev Part 2

Ariel, Jacob and I at the beach in Tel Aviv.