Here We Go… Again…

Here We Go… Again…

Hi, I’m Jacob.

Unlike my dad, I’m not going to wait 20+ years to start getting out of my comfort zone!

I’m four months and 10 days old.

Back in February of 2017 my dad started this blog about adventure travel because *he knew I was only about 11 months away from being born. Now I’m almost four and a half months and figured it was time for my own first adventure.

Let’s go mom! I’m ready to see the world!

So I managed to convince my parents to let me into their little travel party and take me with them to Jamaica.

Jamaica is cool!
Runaway Bay. View from right in front of our room.

I was a pretty awesome baby so far for my first airplane flight. I slept the whole way to the airport and then for about half of the flight itself. Of course, even at my age I know that adventures are not all pony rides in May sunshine… and so it took me **a while to get myself to sleep the first night here. But do you really blame me? New place, new crib, new country AND I was in the freaking sky for the first time in my life!

I was on a plane! In the sky!

So, yeah, so far Jamaica is really fun, the people are really nice and the place we’re staying is really nice too.

Anyway, I think I got this whole travel thing down pat. I’m sleeping now in a whole new country! I’ll leave the rest of the blogging to dad since I’m planning on doing ***a lot of sleeping down here.

Here we go…

My first customs card. I’m in a new country!


And just like that, I got a new state (New York! Only 48 more to go!) and a new country.

*Editors Note: No, I most certainly did not. I just thought back then we might start thinking about having a baby at some point in the near future. But now that you’re here, yes this was totally the plan!

**Editor’s Note 2: Yes if you consider “a while” about 90 minutes of protesting, crying and basically re-sleep training. Not a pony-ride indeed…

***Editor’s Note 3: Yeah Jacob, that would be fantastic. Definitely do that.

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